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Exaltio is a brand new association for and by LGBT+ adolescents from Enschede. We meet biweekly during an accessible activity revolving around ‘gezelligheid’ and networking. Drinks, movie nights, dinners, pub quizes: our awesome agenda has something for everyone’s enjoyment!


Biweekly drinks, and additionally a wide variety of awesome activities.

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About exaltio

Our association focuses on adolescents and students from the entire LGBT+ spectrum between the age of 18 and 28. The emancipation of LGBT+ has fortunately thrived over the past decennia, and the advent of the internet has furthermore facilitated that members of the LGBT+ community can find and meet each other more easily. However, it is still very important for this group to have a pleasant and familiar offline environment in which you can be yourself. In addition to a wide variety of awesome activities, Exaltio also aims to offer a platform to meet LGBT+ peers and to lend an ear when needed.

Our biweekly drinks are open to everybody. We are not a closed student association, and we do not have any initiation rituals. You are very welcome to get to know us whenever you want! Do you feel somewhat hesitant to come to the drink for the first time on your own? We totally understand that. In that case, please contact us. We will ensure you that you will feel welcome!



Extra info about Exaltio

After the success of similar LGBT+ associations in cities such as Amsterdam, Groningen, Leiden, Utrecht and Nijmegen, the student city Enschede can of course not fall behind. The major difference with our association and those in the afore mentioned cities is that we do not solely focus on students, but on all adolescents within the LGBT+ community in the region of Twente.

Exaltio’s prime mission is providing a safe environment for adolescents within the Twente region in which they can safely make new LGBT+ friends. Is such a platform really necessary in this day and age? Absolutely! Many LGBT+ adolescents acknowledge that they value meeting peers that have also struggled with their (sexual) identity, relationships, visions of the future, self-acceptance and coming out. It can be very hard to meet like-minded peers that recognise and understand these challenges.

The gay emancipation in the Netherlands is fortunately thriving, but we still have a long way to go. Almost every week, the news features stories about queer people that either have been physically or verbally harassed because of who they are. Even in our direct environment many queer people encounter negative situations when they have their coming-out. Examples are religious parents that do not accept your sexuality, friends that start avoiding you, and peers or colleagues that bully you. But where others exclude, we stay inclusive and open minded!

Besides dealing with these tough subjects, visions and missions, we are a very diverse and awesome group to hang out with. Come see for yourself!

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